Add your watermark to the web.

Linkr allows you to share links that say that they were shared by you - driving traffic back to you!


Can I see some examples of how this works?

Here are 3 examples, with three different types of embeds

John Oliver on Cryptocurrency - oEmbed from YouTubeHow Spotify Recommendations work - Read Mode parsing from MediumEbook Search Engine - A site iFramed-------------------
Can I make custom links?

Sure, you can have custom url slugs by using this form
What are the different embedding styes?

If you check the my link is an article option, your link is parsed for readable content and images.

Else, we look out for oEmbeds the site offers, and if that's not available we try embedding and iFrame before shooting you an error =)

Got any other questions? Shoot an email to hi[at]